RTX Voice + GoXLR

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Today I got a GoXLR... I quickly learned that because the only way to add a 2nd audio device is as a source, there's a delay... I am begging that you guys change that. I just wanna use my GoXLR with RTX Voice. It's literally impossible because I'll always here myself talk with a delay. If you made it so I could add a 2nd audio source from the audio settings then there wouldn't be a delay and everything would work smoothly. I just spent the last hour or more trying to find a remedy to this situation and I am out of ideas and ultimately angry. I do not want to switch to using OBS at all! OBS seems to have this feature according to all the youtube videos I looked up on how to use RTX Voice with GoXLR. Please put 2+ audio input sources for the regular audio settings.

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Comments: 1

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