Skype participant to hear audio of stream

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This is VERY important and I think URGENT too, we’ve been using xSplit premium package (paid clients) for the past 2 years and already recommended it to all of our colleagues, nearly all of them had to leave xSplit because of this missing feature! We are journalists and running talk shows etc, have to add people via Skype / NDI, because we’re not able to share the audio of stream to skype participants, this makes it all very inconvenient. Please make this priority if possible, many thanks in advance!

P.S. You’re actually loosing potential market for such events and programmes, most people are adding other people to their live streams etc, in order to get audio routed, with xSplit you have to use third party software packages, makes it very complicated and fragile setup, if anything changes or updated, everything has been done will be reset and must be re-routed again, which is a pain to start with...

Under consideration Suggested by: Gosh M. Upvoted: 29 Apr, '20 Comments: 0

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