Make 60fps option available for free users

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I've been using a premium license since 2012 and it just ran out. The single one function I am really really really missing is 60fps. Other than that I am super happy with what the free version delivers.

I actually wouldn't mind the watermark if I could change where it was placed. Heck if you promted me to "please support us by having our logo on your stream" I could have added it long time ago as an image in my overlay.

But then again. I don't see why the 60fps has these restrictions since this is a make or brake function for most game streamers, especially speedrunners. I'm confident alot more users would lean towards trying the xsplit free version if it wasn't for this restriction.

The premium licence has plenty of other functions now for those who can afford to support with it, compared to 6 years ago?

Not planned Suggested by: Niss3 Upvoted: 07 Sep, '20 Comments: 0

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